Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jewelry Tree

In trying to find a cool way to display my necklaces at craft shows/fairs, I came across this tutorial over at Hope Studios. I did mine a little different, though...

You will need:
  • Some branches (I have 4 to give it a more symmetrical look)
  • Spray paint in your choice of color (I used white)
  • A wide-mouth mason jar or a vase (I got the mason jar for this project from Michaels)
  • Rocks, gravel, marbles, something heavy (I used rocks, sea glass, and other stuff Riley and I have found at our community beach)
  • A piece of ribbon to tie the branches together
So first I went outside and found my branches. Then I stuck them into the ground and spray painted all the sides white and let them dry all the way.

Once they were dry I brought them in and arranged them how I wanted them to look and tied them together tightly with the ribbon.

Then I put the bottom of the branches into the jar and added the rocks/sea glass/other stuff all around them (this keeps the branches secure in the jar and makes the jar bottom-heavy so it doesn't tip over).

Then I hung my stuff up!:D

It's so easy, and rather customizable! I did mine on a smaller scale than the one over at Hope Studios, but you can do yours as big or small as you want! You can also paint the branches any color, or use a different jar/vase. Make it your own. Just make sure you pick sturdy branches that will hold the stuff you plan on hanging;)

Thanks for stopping by!:)

Until next time, toodles!

P.S. This would be so cute as an Easter tree with some Egg ornaments and maybe some paper butterflies adorning it! I may do that the week before Easter... hmm... I'll post pictures if I do!

I got some butterflies from Michael's and put them on! I think the butterflies are a cute touch and will look great along with the necklaces and Crinkly Critters I'll be displaying at craft fairs!:)

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