Friday, July 8, 2011

Brief Hiatus

Hello, all!
I know I've been very MIA lately, but this wedding planning and future move in less than a month has me super busy!

I am going to be planning and DOING the wedding myself, so I am going to chronicle it in a blog , Becoming Mrs. Jones.

Thank you for understanding, see ya soon! :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Guess What!

At approximately 6:15AM on Saturday, June 25, 2011 Matt proposed to me and, of course, I said yes!

There's the ring! :D

And of course you want to know the story of how it happened:

While on vacation at Ocean City, MD, Matt and I planned to get up early on Saturday morning and watch the sun rise over the ocean. When we got to the beach, we found a lifeguard chair on 29th Street to sit on and watch the sunrise.
Matt popped the question just as the sun went behind a patch of clouds.

Seconds after that, the sun rose higher than the clouds it was behind, shining much brighter than it had been before. We took that as a good omen!
We have been engaged for a little over 48 hours and I could not be happier. I am so excited to spend forever with my other (and better) half! All of our friends and family are so happy and excited for us, and it could not be a better feeling. Riley is also equally excited and can't wait to "get married with Mommy and Matt." He has requested a ring as well. LOL! 
We have decided on Saturday, June 2, 2012 as our wedding day.

Well, I guess I better go start planning my wedding... :p

Monday, June 13, 2011

Success at the Strawberry Fest!

Saturday was a major success for both me and my friend Alison who was raising money for the Philadelphia Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure!

We had a blast meeting new people, raising money, and enjoying all that the annual Strawberry Festival has to offer. Alison ended up making $130 in donations!

Also, congratulations to Amber Choudry for winning the ButterNugget Creations Pink Ribbon picture frame raffle!

We are already looking forward to next year's Strawberry Fest! Thanks to everyone who came out, made a donation, or purchased something from ButterNugget Creations! :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Open House/Strawberry Festival

Ok, first the Open House Pictures:

When you first walk in to the house you are in the kitchen. That's where we had all the food and drinks set up.

Then you walk into the dining area. I had my 2 Tier Trays on the table as well as all the hair bows and clips.

Next to the kitchen table, I had a smaller table set up with the Guest Book, Portfolio, Business Cards, and the Crinkly Critters.

And next to the smaller table I had my Picture Frames set up on a large table-top cabinet.

And next to the sofa I had the Coasters set up.

And here is a not-so-flattering picture of me right before everyone came! lol!

I loved the way everything flowed in Lori's house. You walk in and make a big circle through the open kitchen/dining area/living room to see everything. Then you can grab some food and drinks and sit on the couch and mingle.

Thank you again, Lori for everything you did to host the Open House and make it a success! I can't wait to start planning the Holiday Happy Hour with you. :)

And now on to the next one... ;)

"On Saturday, June 11th from 11am-7pm, ButterNugget Creations along with Alison Moore, who is walking the 2011 Philadelphia 3-Day for the Cure, will have a booth at the Strawberry Festival right near the entrance to the Cape Main Beach. We will have the ButterNugget Creations Spring Line as well as a donation area where you can make a donation to the Susan G. Koman 3-Day for the Cure, and maybe even some freebees!"

I hope those of you who live in the area can make it! The Strawberry Festival is a local legend to say the least. It is a great time with great entertainment, food, vendors and crafters. Come for the whole day, or just for an hour; just make sure you stop by our booth before you leave! ;)

You can find more information here, here, and here

The Lazy Days of Summer...

Ahh, summer is here...
Endless days at the pool.
Beach trips.

Here's what we've gotten in to so far:
The pool Matt belongs to (and basically grew up at!) is on property that sits on the Severn River. They are considered a "boat club," but it's not what you think at all. Some people have boats, some don't. We're all just there to have a good time! :) There are some canoes there that you can use, and we have gotten in the habit of taking them out as a family.

We went on our first-ever Family Canoe Ride on the Severn River and into the Severn Run. We saw an Eagle, two Osprey dive into the water and catch fish, some different bugs, and lots of other stuff!

Riley and Matt went to the book store while I got my hair cut one morning. They had a blast reading all the books and terrorizing all the unsuspecting bookstore patrons. ;)

We had another Family Canoe Ride one evening. We explored some of the islands on the Severn River, one which has an old house on it!

Riley went "fishing" with a stick.

 Became an "Indian Baby"

 And posed for some picturesque photos. ;)

On the most recent canoe trip we found 3 arrow heads, and a couple pieces of Native American pottery. And when I say "we" I mean "Matt," he just finds this stuff all the time!

Oh and check out this cute picture of Riley and Gracie! They are growing up way too fast...

Next post: Pictures from the Open House and the latest Craft Fair info! :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm Still Here!!!

It's been one of those weeks months.
First there was Easter.
Then there was Mother's Day.
That means we have about 4 houses to celebrate at for each holiday and that takes up a whole weekend.
So between all the holidays, playdates, date nights (if I ever want to see my boyfriend), and Matt busting his butt keeping the grass mowed and the basement work moving, we have had no time to relax!
Oh, and then Riley had some "mystery" illness that morphed into an ear infection and because he has tubes it is leaking. Everywhere.
I have not slept in exactly a week. Seven days.
Do I sound bitter? lol!

On a happier note, I have things to share!

First, a ButterNugget Fam Update:

Riley picked out a new outfit all by himself at the mall the day before Mother's Day. (Don't you just love his little Rainbows? He will only wear his "Flippers" or go barefoot. I now know for sure he is my child.) ;)

We took funny pictures.

We played a little ball outside.

Look at that handsome Nugget!

And we went to the Circus!
Look how excited Riley was :O


The guys watching the show.

The tigers were cool! There were about 10 of them.

The "Flying Family"

The lady that had the camel and horse had an "Arabian Nights" theme going.

And these gals doin' their thang. (I forget what they are called...)

It was so fun! I remember going as a kid, but it's way different going as an adult. You notice things you didn't as a child. Like how creepy the people are, and how the animals could be treated better. Poor animals. :( Especially the Elephants!

Moving on (I could rant about that all day), we had the Open House yesterday at Lori's house (Matt's sister)! It was a huge success. Lori was an excellent hostess, the turnout was amazing, and it was just an all around fun time. I love the laid-back atmosphere of a house party rather than the chaotic feel of a craft show. There may be more ButterNugget Open Houses/House Parties to come! Lori and I have a Holiday House Party in the works already. ;)

Pictures of the Open House to come shortly!

Thank you for stopping by!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Easter! (Finally...)

We started off our Easter weekend with a Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday morning at the pool we belong to. Matt's family has actually belonged for generations, and his great (possibly great-great?) grandparents were involved in creating it! It's great to have roots. :)

Riley "hunting" for eggs!

Saying hi to the Easter Bunny! That cute red head there is none other than little Miss Gracie, Matt's niece.

 Gracie and Riley relaxing and having a chat after all that hunting!

And there is Olivia, Gracie's new little sister! Riley loves Livi. :)

After the Easter Egg Hunt at the pool, we headed over to my mom's for a cookout, another Easter Egg Hunt, and more Easter celebrations.

On Sunday we woke up to find this thing of beauty from the Easter Bunny!

Once Riley opened his basket and we got dressed and ready...

Riley and Matt cut the grass! Just kidding, Matt cut the grass. :D But Riley got to drive the lawn mower back to the barn. (Lucky...!)

And we headed down to Matt's mom's to hang out with the girls, and celebrate Easter with some great company!

There was another Easter Egg Hunt. (Spoiled, I tell ya!)

And lot's of playing on Gracie's swing set!

After that, we headed over to my Grandma's house where there was ANOTHER Easter Egg Hunt! And we also got into stuff with Drewbie, he's always into trouble. ;)

We had a busy, but super fun, Easter filled with great people and wonderful memories! I am so thankful to be able to spend Easter with all of our family and friends.

I hope everyone else's Easter was just as special! :)