1. How did you choose the name "ButterNugget"?
    Since shortly after Riley was born I have called him my little-nugget, or foofy-nugget, or nugget-boy, nuggity-nugget, my little nug/nuggy, or just plain ol' nugget. For some reason it just came out, and it's been a thing ever since! I didn't want my blog to just be called, "Nugget," it didn't flow and there weren't enough syllables. So one day Matt and I were talking and either he or I called something or someone a butternugget, and I liked it! It reminded me of butternut squash, and I really like squash. I feel like we are squash people. And since my life revolves around my little Riley-nugget it just fit! So, here we are, the ButterNugget Family:)