Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm Still Here!!!

It's been one of those weeks months.
First there was Easter.
Then there was Mother's Day.
That means we have about 4 houses to celebrate at for each holiday and that takes up a whole weekend.
So between all the holidays, playdates, date nights (if I ever want to see my boyfriend), and Matt busting his butt keeping the grass mowed and the basement work moving, we have had no time to relax!
Oh, and then Riley had some "mystery" illness that morphed into an ear infection and because he has tubes it is leaking. Everywhere.
I have not slept in exactly a week. Seven days.
Do I sound bitter? lol!

On a happier note, I have things to share!

First, a ButterNugget Fam Update:

Riley picked out a new outfit all by himself at the mall the day before Mother's Day. (Don't you just love his little Rainbows? He will only wear his "Flippers" or go barefoot. I now know for sure he is my child.) ;)

We took funny pictures.

We played a little ball outside.

Look at that handsome Nugget!

And we went to the Circus!
Look how excited Riley was :O


The guys watching the show.

The tigers were cool! There were about 10 of them.

The "Flying Family"

The lady that had the camel and horse had an "Arabian Nights" theme going.

And these gals doin' their thang. (I forget what they are called...)

It was so fun! I remember going as a kid, but it's way different going as an adult. You notice things you didn't as a child. Like how creepy the people are, and how the animals could be treated better. Poor animals. :( Especially the Elephants!

Moving on (I could rant about that all day), we had the Open House yesterday at Lori's house (Matt's sister)! It was a huge success. Lori was an excellent hostess, the turnout was amazing, and it was just an all around fun time. I love the laid-back atmosphere of a house party rather than the chaotic feel of a craft show. There may be more ButterNugget Open Houses/House Parties to come! Lori and I have a Holiday House Party in the works already. ;)

Pictures of the Open House to come shortly!

Thank you for stopping by!