Monday, March 7, 2011

G-Ma's 85th Birthday Bash!

This Saturday my grandma turned 85, so naturally all of us got together for a big "birthday bash." When our family gets together some interesting things happen...

My cousin Shannon documented the event with her nifty new camera:)

Matt and I hardly have any pictures together because he is always the one taking them! So Shanny took some shots of us and it got kind of interesting...

Especially when my cousin Drew joined in. When Drewbie and Matt get together it is always hilarious, they never dissapoint!

Ah! We're crazy!

And here's a great shot of Riley's "hat hair."

My Grandma has had that pig in her backyard since I was about Riley's age. Me and all my cousins all have pictures of us on the piggy, and I have a few of Riley. I love traditions!

I'm always picking Riley's nose (usually with a tissue, but there are the occasions when only a finger can get a huge boogie out). So, here are the goof-balls making fun of me. Matt is "getting Drewbie's boogies."

Dad! He is so silly.

The beautiful cake Aunt Chris got:) I love how it says, "Mom/G-ma/Gg-ma."

My Aunt Jan and cousin Dawn coordinated the shirts. They say "G-Ma's 85th Birthday Bash March 5, 2011" with a little piggy. So cute!:) Here's a group shot.

And this is why we call her "G"-Ma;) (And as I said, anywhere you see Drew, there is usually a shenanigan going on.)

Thanks to Aunt Jan, Aunt Chris, and Dawn for coordinating the bash. It was so much fun and we all had a great time!

I love you, Grammy! Happy 85th birthday:D

Until next time, toodles!

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