Monday, March 7, 2011

A Day in the Life of the ButterNugget Family

I got the idea to do a "Day in the Life of..." post from Kristin over at Lu Bird Baby. She has posted a challenge and I thought, "Bring it on!" So, here we go:)

A few things before we get started:
As many of you may, or may not, know Riley and I live my my dad. He is only the best dad E.V.E.R.

Isn't he so cute!?:D

Also, we do not live with Matt. Matt and Jack (his doggie) live on his family's farm about 20 minutes from us, but Riley and I are frequent visitors:) We (my dad, Riley, and I) are going to be moving in to Matt's in about a month to a month and a half. Right now Matt is busy prettying up the basement for my dad. I will make a blog post about the progress of it soon.

Now that we have that all straightened out, our day began very interestingly...

I awoke at 2:00AM to the sound of a screaming, crying kid. It was my kid and he was awake. At 2:00 in the morning. So I went into his room and asked him what was wrong and he answered something that sound like, "WAHHHH! *mumbling and crying*" So, naturally, I brought him in my bed to sleep with me. He actually hasn't been feeling well at all lately. He has that virus that's going around complete with wheezing, coughing up a lung every so often, and a snotty nose. (Gross.) And when my little nugget-boy isn't feeling well he likes to be a needy mommy's boy, so I let him. Hey, I take what I can get these days... Well 30 minutes later he was still wide awake and I was half in sleepy-land and half conscious (mostly because Riley was touching my face and counting from 1-10/singing his ABCs). Then he informed me he was finished sleeping in mommy's bed and wanted to go back to his bed. So I took him back, fixed his soft blanky (he sleeps on a fleece blanket), put on his music, kissed him goodmorning and told him I loved him, went back to my room, plopped down on my bed and passed out.

I awoke the second time at 6:55AM to the same screaming crying kid which is also my kid. My dad was on his way to the shower and took a pit-stop to Riley's room. I heard him though the monitor ask Riley what was wrong. Riley refused to talk to my dad, let alone let my dad get him out of his crib, and said he only wanted mommy. So I yelled, "I'm comin', I'm comin'!" and went to get him. I set him up in the chair in the living room with the nebulizer for 5 minutes, turned on Martha Speaks on PBS, and got him some breakfast together, which consisted of "a big chip" (Kim's Magic Pop from Whole Foods- it's kinda like a Baby MumMum only bigger and actually has nutrients in it) per his request and milk. When he was done the breathing treatment I gave him his breakfast and let him eat it in the living room because he is sick and hasn't been eating much. So if he eats something while sitting in the living room watching a show, he can.

By 7:00AM I called Riley's doctor. They gave us an appointment for 10:00AM that day (score!). Since we only have one vehicle right now, we had to drive dad to work. I changed Riley, got myself sort-of decent looking, got our coats/hats/etc. on and we left the house at 7:30. Since my dad only works about 10 minutes away from the house, it works out really well right now. We got back home by 7:55AM

Here is Riley locking the car from inside the house. lol!

I got Riley dressed and his teeth brushed and set him up in the living room with toys and a show on PBS (love PBS, by the way! Great shows, no commercials. Right up our ally!). While Riley was trashing the living room playing quietly, I got on the computer real quick and checked Facebook ordered him his new stroller and some new lime green Crocs! Can't wait to see him rock those;) And then I got myself ready. When I was finished I made our snacks/drinks, which was also my breakfast, and got us ready to go! We left the house by 9:30.

When we walked outside the tree people were out trimming the trees away from the power lines. And where were they parked? Right in front of my driveway:) I got Riley in his seat and asked one of the surprisingly friendly guys if I could back out and he was totally cool about it! He even helped me out by setting cones out so no one came up the road while I was backing out. Nice guy:) I meant to take a picture of the trucks, but I was rushing for no reason (which I tend to do, hence the reason I'm usually early to places) so I forgot.

And we're off!

By 9:50 we were at the doctor's, they called us back right at 10AM, and the doctor was with us by 10:10 (am I at the right place?). The doctor checked him out and gave him a liquid steroid prescription for the wheezing and told me to do the breathing treatments every 4 hours instead of twice a day. We were out of there by 10:20 and at the pharmacy by 10:30. We were rockin' it! Until we got to the pharmacy, that is. We were waiting for an hour before we got Riley's prescription. Although it was hard waiting that long with a sick 2 and a half year-old, I felt so bad for the pharmacists. There were two of them, and that's it. Two pharmacists and no one to work the registers. So we picked up some things we needed and then waited patiently for our prescription. Riley was so good, I was so proud of him:) We were out of there by 11:30.

We got home at 11:50 and Riley did another breathing treatment and took his meds. Usually we would pick my dad up for lunch, but he had a meeting today. I love that we can eat lunch together as a family almost every day. We aren't huge breakfast people (except on the weekends, but that is more like brunch by the time everything is made), and the fact that we get to eat lunch and dinner together is so special to me:) By noon Riley and I had a lunch of apple slices and a cheese stick (told you he hasn't been eating much) and I bribed him to eat all of it with a Hershey Kiss for dessert.

After we ate and cleaned up lunch, we read books in mommy's bed. Riley insists we read books in mommy's bed before a nap and before bed. The limit is two books because otherwise we would be reading all night. Today we read, Click Clack Moo, Cows that Type and The Little Mermaid, Ariel's Underwater Adventure. After books, I put him in his bed around 12:40 for a nap.

While Riley was napping I started in cleaning up the house a little. Since we are planning on going to Matt's tonight I like to clean up a little more than usual for my dad:) I started with the dishes in the kitchen from last night/this morning since I didn't get a chance to do them this morning. Heard Riley yelling for me.

Started some laundry.

Cleaned up our "coat and jacket collection" on the back of the couch. Heard Riley yelling for me.

Cleaned up my sewing/craft area in the basement (you do not want to see the before picture), and vacuumed up a little down there.

And then picked up the living room.

By 1:40 I thought I was going to enjoy this thing of beauty by myself in my clean kitchen when I heard the monster. He never fell asleep. My alone time will be non-existent today. Oh, great...

He did rest for about an hour though, but sleep is so much better for him than "rest." He can get pretty grouchy. So I asked him what he wanted to do and he said he wanted to watch the new movie we got from Red Box today (Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes). So I set him up in his chair with his pillow and blankey and he just sat there and watched it (thank goodness!). I enjoyed my cup of coffee in the kitchen (where I could see him) and checked up on some email, bloggy stuff, and Facebook.

Around 2:40 the movie was over and Riley followed me into my room to pick up a little bit. And tried my shoes on.

 Then he said he wanted to play games on mommy's computer ( games). So I set that up for him and went to change the laundry over.

And then started packing for Matt's.

After I got us packed for Matt's I gave Riley a bath since we were planning on going to the Science Center in the evening so that meant a later-than-usual night out and no evening bath.

After bath-time Riley got dressed and got his hair dried.

Ah! What a cutie:D

Then I got myself changed and ready. At around 4:50 my cousin called me and we were talking for 25 minutes before my dad beeped in saying he needed us to come pick him up! So we rushed out the door to pick dad up. By the time we got back home, Matt was waiting in the driveway. He came in and changed from work while I got the last of the stuff ready.

We didn't leave the house until 6:30 and we had been planning on being at the Science Center by 5:30. So, change of plans. We thought it was a good change because Riley was really coughing. So we decided to go to Punk's Backyard Grill for dinner (our most favorite restaurant).

I got an 8 oz dry rubbed flank steak with a mixed greens salad and flatbread, Matt got a burger, and Riley got grilled cheese and grapes! Of course I was so into my meal I forgot to take a picture!:(

Then Riley said he wanted to go to the playplace at the mall. Matt and I decided that was fine, even though his cough sounded kinda bad. So we went and he did well for a while, but once his cough was over-whelming him we left. It's so hard to judge when they have something that is just a cough, but they still have enough energy to power a whole city!

He fell asleep in the car and was totally passed out by the time we got back to Matt's. So I changed him, put him in his PJs, and put him down for the night (and he didn't even wake up once!)

Over-all, more hectic than normal. But we still had a good day even though Riley wasn't feeling his best. Sorry about forgetting to take pictures for the last part of the day! I'm new at this, so hopefully the next "Day in the Life of..." post will be better;)

Until next time, toodles!

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  1. I'm so glad you decided to join me in documenting your day! It was so fun to read. I loved the rushing for no reason comment. That is totally me, except most of the time I am late and really do need to rush. Either way I feel like I'm always telling my kids we need to go fast fast fast.
    Anyways, hope your little guy is feeling better!

    And yes :) I shop at Trader Joes and love it!

  2. No problem at all! It was fun to document our day and look back on it:) It is always fun to see how other mommies do it, too! And yes, the little nugget-boy is FINALLY better. Thank you!:)

    We l.o.v.e Trader Joes, too!:D