Sunday, March 27, 2011

First Craft Fair... EVER!

Yesterday I was a vendor at a craft fair for the first time ever. It was actually in the town I grew up in for the majority of my school-years, so it was good to be back home for a little while:)

Unfortunately, a student from Oklahoma Road Middle School (a middle school that feeds in to Liberty High) had passed away and the funeral was held at 11AM on the same day as the craft fair. It was very sad news, and did put a solemn damper on the craft fair.

Here is an article about the student.

All-in-all it went ok. I sold a few things, but not much. Although, I don't think many people vending, if anyone, cleared the cost of their spots. Some people had more than one spot at about $50-60 a pop! It was just a very slow day considering the tragedy that struck the town. Many vendors who have done the bi-yearly fair before said the one in the fall is much more crowded, and the spring fair is usually slower. However, the circumstances this year are not the norm. Although I did not sell many items, I got a lot of positive feedback from many people. I got a feel for what a craft fair is, what people were most interested in regarding what I had made, and what to expect in the future.

In addition, I got a good feel for the kind of "crowd" my crafts are aimed towards. Most of the attendants of the fair seemed to be looking for more cottagey things and the Americana-based crafts, kind of the Longaberger Basket feel, and that is just not my niche. There was a lot of great, creative vendors there, but it just wasn't my "cup of tea," so to speak. I think I would be way more at home in Downtown Annapolis and the surrounding area. I got the feeling my product was a bit too edgy for the Liberty High School Craft Fair.

Aside from all that, it was super fun, and a great experience. And it was great to walk around and see what everyone else had created and brought to sell at the fair!

Here are some pictures of my booth:

The Guest Book, Portfolio, and the Wreath Raffle!

Crinkly Critters!

Bows and Pins

Some Flower Balls, Frames, Coasters, and Magnets!

And there's my table! Complete with a bunting sign I made the day before the fair.

None of this would have happened if it weren't for the following people:

Thank you, Mom, for waking up super early and for watching Riley and making sure he had a fun day! I can't thank you enough. Love you!

Matt, thank you for everything you did to make this day possible. And for standing with me for hours upon hours at the fair. I love you so much!

Also, my mom's friend, Janet, her daughter, Lisa and Lisa's boyfriend, Ben.
Thank you for letting us use your table and chairs and for bringing it to my mom's house for us!:)

And thank you Erin for hooking us up with the Craft Fair and the space! We had a great time with you guys.

On a side note, my mommy got me an awesome necklace from the fair for Easter!:D It was made by Donna's Decembers. I am now completely in love with her stuff! If you check out her Etsy store, you will be too!

I'm really looking forward to the Cape St Claire Spring Bazaar on April 9th from 10AM-3PM at the Cape St Claire United Methodist Church! I hope to see my fellow Annapolitans there;)

Until next time, toodles!


  1. Thanks for mentioning me in your blog post! I wish I could've made it around to visit everyone's booth! Next time, the hub is definitely coming with me.

    Did you sign up to go back in the fall?

    Also, I got your email and will be getting back to you ASAP! :)

  2. You're welcome! Although I don't get much traffic, I loved your things too much not to mention them:) And no worries, I'm sure it's hard when you're there alone. Much easier when you've got your man with you;)

    I have not signed up to go back in the fall yet. Did you?