Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Easter! (Finally...)

We started off our Easter weekend with a Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday morning at the pool we belong to. Matt's family has actually belonged for generations, and his great (possibly great-great?) grandparents were involved in creating it! It's great to have roots. :)

Riley "hunting" for eggs!

Saying hi to the Easter Bunny! That cute red head there is none other than little Miss Gracie, Matt's niece.

 Gracie and Riley relaxing and having a chat after all that hunting!

And there is Olivia, Gracie's new little sister! Riley loves Livi. :)

After the Easter Egg Hunt at the pool, we headed over to my mom's for a cookout, another Easter Egg Hunt, and more Easter celebrations.

On Sunday we woke up to find this thing of beauty from the Easter Bunny!

Once Riley opened his basket and we got dressed and ready...

Riley and Matt cut the grass! Just kidding, Matt cut the grass. :D But Riley got to drive the lawn mower back to the barn. (Lucky...!)

And we headed down to Matt's mom's to hang out with the girls, and celebrate Easter with some great company!

There was another Easter Egg Hunt. (Spoiled, I tell ya!)

And lot's of playing on Gracie's swing set!

After that, we headed over to my Grandma's house where there was ANOTHER Easter Egg Hunt! And we also got into stuff with Drewbie, he's always into trouble. ;)

We had a busy, but super fun, Easter filled with great people and wonderful memories! I am so thankful to be able to spend Easter with all of our family and friends.

I hope everyone else's Easter was just as special! :)

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