Monday, June 6, 2011

The Lazy Days of Summer...

Ahh, summer is here...
Endless days at the pool.
Beach trips.

Here's what we've gotten in to so far:
The pool Matt belongs to (and basically grew up at!) is on property that sits on the Severn River. They are considered a "boat club," but it's not what you think at all. Some people have boats, some don't. We're all just there to have a good time! :) There are some canoes there that you can use, and we have gotten in the habit of taking them out as a family.

We went on our first-ever Family Canoe Ride on the Severn River and into the Severn Run. We saw an Eagle, two Osprey dive into the water and catch fish, some different bugs, and lots of other stuff!

Riley and Matt went to the book store while I got my hair cut one morning. They had a blast reading all the books and terrorizing all the unsuspecting bookstore patrons. ;)

We had another Family Canoe Ride one evening. We explored some of the islands on the Severn River, one which has an old house on it!

Riley went "fishing" with a stick.

 Became an "Indian Baby"

 And posed for some picturesque photos. ;)

On the most recent canoe trip we found 3 arrow heads, and a couple pieces of Native American pottery. And when I say "we" I mean "Matt," he just finds this stuff all the time!

Oh and check out this cute picture of Riley and Gracie! They are growing up way too fast...

Next post: Pictures from the Open House and the latest Craft Fair info! :)

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