Sunday, February 27, 2011

Crinkly Critters

This is a draft of Ollie and Ellie's (Crinkly Critters) "Display Bio." It will be displayed whenever they are sold in public (ie: craft shows/fairs, trunk shows, etc.) Tell me what you think. Like it? Don't like it? Take something out? Add something in? I would really like some feedback on it. Thanks!:)

"Hello! We're Ollie and Ellie, the Crinkly Critters! Our lightweight bodies are made from 100% upcycled fabrics. These are fabrics from clothes, PJs, and even bed linens! All of the fabric is cotton, machine washed and safe for little ones to chew... No germs here! Our backs are adsorbent terry cloth from upcycled towels! And our crinkly wings are adorned with yummy, colorful, safe-to-chew tags which will make teething gums very happy! So go ahead, give us a try! We promise we won't disappoint even toughest, or smallest, critic."

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